What Is Restore?

Who We Are

Our purpose is simple: Restore people’s faith in Jesus and the church.

Restore is a place where you can be yourself, ask questions, and won’t be pressured to conform to any stereotype. We love to lock arms with the community to help bring restoration to people and neighborhoods in our city and around the world.

We don’t have everything figured out, but we are on a journey of restoration through Jesus who loves people without prejudice or qualification. No matter who you are or what you’ve done, you are welcome at Restore.

Our Team

Zach Lambert - Lead Pastor

Zach was born and raised in Austin where he met his wife, Amy, in the 6th grade. After graduating from Hardin-Simmons University, they moved to Dallas where Zach received a Master of Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Zach likes to watch college basketball and listens to Christmas music year-round. He and Amy love discovering local Mexican food places, listening to live music, and playing with their son Judah.

You can get in touch with Zach via email by clicking here.

Matt Gonzalez - Worship Pastor

Matt is originally from Carrollton, Texas where he met his wife, Emily, in kindergarten. He studied at Dallas Christian College and previously served as the Worship Pastor at Journey Community Church in Allen, Texas.

Matt enjoys making and listening to music, reading, and woodworking. He and Emily got married in 2012 and spend most of their free time with friends and family, trying new restaurants, watching movies, and playing with their awesome pit-boxer, Banksy.

You can get in touch with Matt via email by clicking here.

Sonja DiNanno - Kids Pastor

Sonja has lived most her life in Chicago where she went to DePaul University and received a degree in Acting and Directing. Previous to joining Restore staff, Sonja worked in children’s ministry at Willow Creek Community Church in IL, and at Gateway Church in Austin.

Sonja loves photography, coffee and driving through the hill country. She loves spending time with her super techie husband Jeff, and their crazy and creative daughters Sofia and Lola.

You can get in touch with Sonja via email by clicking here.

What We're About


Because God has shown immeasurable grace to us, we will lead with grace in every relationship and circumstance at Restore.


Being fake does no one any good and real is better than perfect. Restore will be a safe place where people can ask questions, doubt, and be open about what they are going through without fear of judgement.


God has made all of us different, but he has made all of us valuable. We believe that the church works best when we embrace and empower the differences around us.


Restore will lock arms with those who are already doing good to help people in need in our community and around the world.

What We Believe

God | God is the creator of the universe, eternally existing in three equal persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (Matthew 3:13-17).

Jesus Christ | Jesus Christ is the son of God who came to earth, lived a sinless life, and became the perfect sacrifice by dying on the cross for the sins of all people. He then rose from the dead, demonstrating His power over sin and death, and returned to heaven (Ephesians 2:1-9).

Holy Spirit | The Holy Spirit comes to live inside of every believer from the moment of salvation, making them a new creation and giving them power to live a life that is honoring to God (Romans 8:9-13).

Humanity | All people, regardless of who they are or what they’ve done, are separated from God by sin until they have placed their faith in Jesus Christ (Romans 3:23).

Salvation | Salvation is the free gift of forgiveness and life found only through faith in Jesus Christ, not by effort or good works (John 3:16-18). God will never allow the salvation of someone who has put their faith in Jesus to be taken away (John 10:28-30).

The Bible | The Bible is the perfect word of God, written by human authors under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is the ultimate source of truth about God and for the Christian life (2nd Timothy 3:16-17).

The Return of Jesus | Jesus will come back to earth in order to complete His work of restoration by making all things new and perfect (Romans 8:18-23).